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If you have been keeping track of the news lately, you will have seen that Virginia is gradually reopening. Presently we find ourselves in VA Phase 2, which translates into USA Rugby State 2 for permitting rugby related activities.

Due to the guidelines given by the state and USA Rugby, we will do so under our own club guidelines:

  • No carpooling to or from practice

  • No sharing of personal equipment to include clothing/boots/etc.

  • Facemasks are permitted at practice but are not required during exercise

  • Players must have a facemask on hand if they plan on socializing after practice

  • Players must perform a COVID symptom check at home before arrival – Link

  • Coach will perform a temperature screening upon arrival

  • Maintain good hygiene

  • Players will exercise social distancing of 6ft

If you do not feel like you can adhere to the guidelines presented by VA, USA Rugby, and the Club, please remain at home.

For everyone that wants to start getting work in, our practices will start out primarily cardio based. This will all be functional cardio and will last about 30-40 minutes. There will be a progression plan over the next number of weeks as we continuously reassess the situation to start incorporating more rugby fun into practice.

If you have any questions, please feel free to let Coach or the Club Officers know.

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